Donna Z’s Parting Gift to the Cooking Class

Donna Z, or Donna Zeta Jones as she is now known, has a fantastic creative spirit and really enjoys writing.  She has been traveling throughout Italy with her friends Nancy, Donna D and Modesta for the past three weeks and has been writing travelogues back to their families periodically throughout the trip.

Since we have had such a great time with our classmates and the team at Tuscookany, Donna Z decided to memorialize our week with a poem, called ‘Shenanigans at Cooking School’.  She presented it to the group right before our dessert course on the final night and had everyone rolling with laughter.  So, to share in the fun, here is a video of Donna Z reciting the poem and the poem itself – enjoy!

Shenanigans at Cooking School

On a cloudy October day, in the year two thousand and ten.  There arrived at Torre del Tartufo, twelve women and two men. One fellow named Calle hailed from Norway, but his English was quite fine.  The rest had arrived from the U.S.A.—and they found Italy quite divine.

There was a group of five young women, who have been friends for ages.  They all met through friendship with Loraine along life’s different stages.  Texas is a large state, the home of Catherine, Suzy, Loraine and Wendy.  And Meg lives in San Diego, a city that’s really quite trendy.

From New York we have Elizabeth, with Sally, her mother dear.  Jane and Richard call the Jersey Shore home and have for many a year.  From New England we have Donna and her sister–Modesta is her name.  And to finish the group Nancy and Donna, who from the D.C. area came.

We signed on for many reasons, like learning how to improve our cooking, escaping the daily grind, or finding an Italian guy who is good looking.  Upon our arrival we were welcomed by Barbara, who sees to all our needs.  And were then introduced to Franco the chef—our capo, we’ve all agreed.

The first day we didn’t have to cook, and we enjoyed a dinner of steak.  And for the next week that would be the only food we didn’t have to make.  At three every afternoon we assembled in the kitchen to cook, wearing our new white apron, and carrying our new recipe book.

Paola and Debra were there to help us cook and avoid Franco’s ire.  And Franco was peppered with questions as we constantly would inquire.  Loraine became Sangiovese as she learned to cook with just one hand.  The other held a glass of wine which made her feel just grand.

This is Catherine’s third time at Tuscookany taking this cooking class.  And if she behaves herself, perhaps this time she’ll pass!  Donna Zeta Jones is Donna Z’s new name since we also have Donna D.  The youngest cook is Elizabeth, a joyous spirit we all agree.

Wendy’s enjoying her break from gathering semen for her stud farm.  And whisking egg whites has grown a great muscle upon Meg’s right arm!  Richard and Jane are like newlyweds, even after 4 years of being married.  Modesta and Donna’s enthusiasm keeps them from feeling harried.

Nancy is always organized, and is a marvelous cook.  Suzy loves to read a really good sci-fi book.  We can tell Sally’s from Boston though she denies she has an accent.  And Calle’s our computer whiz, a really talented gent.

We’ve had interesting conversations, along with some baring of souls.  We’ve discussed relationship criteria, streaking, and also career goals.  In one short week we’ve bonded in a way we never expected.  Through cooking and talking and laughing, we really have connected.

So as we get ready to leave, for home or continued vacation.  We hope that this week together has made us friends for the duration.  Remember our padrino Franco, and all that he taught each day.  And go home and cook your hearts out, in the good old Tuscan way.

Bravissimo, Donna Z!